The new biogas plant in Moldava nad Bodvou is another milestone of the ENGIE Group on the way to sustainable energy

In 2022, the ENGIE Group acquired ownership of a biogas plant, which it successfully renovated and transformed into an efficient source of green energy. The plant is now ready for full-scale operation, with the aim of reducing the negative impact of energy production on the environment and supports decarbonization challenges in the region.

Modernization of the biogas plant

The biogas plant in Moldava nad Bodvou was not operated by the former owner for a long period of time. Therefore, ENGIE Group had to proceed with reconstruction. “The modernization of the building and the technologies was necessary not only because of the non-functioning of the equipment, but mainly because of its technical obsolescence. The reconstruction was carried out during the summer of 2023 and all work was completed in March this year. We anticipate the gradual commissioning of the biogas plant in following months,” says Miroslav Mravec, Investment Director of the ENGIE Group.

How does the biogas plant work?

Biogas plant in Moldava and Bodvou used to process mainly corn silage and chicken manure. Today, in addition to these materials, farmyard manure, sanitized biodegradable waste and whey are also used for fuel. The biogas itself is produced in a concrete tank called a fermenter, which is equipped with heating and agitators. The biogas is desulphurized and cooled before being used as an energy source. Finally, electricity and heat are produced in the cogeneration unit.

Technical information

Installed capacity:

  • Electrical power: 999 kWe
  • Heat output: 1 127 kW

Biogas production: 3 500 000 m³/year

Planned annual energy production

  • Power: 6 500 MWh/year
  • Heat: 7 300 MWh/year


The launched operation of the Biogas plant in Moldava and Bodvou will ensure the production of electricity, which will be supplied to the grid, and also used for ENGIE own consumption in the technological process. The produced heat will be used in District heating system in Moldava nad Bodvou.

“Biogas plant is a pilot project for the ENGIE Group in Slovakia within the framework of combined production of electricity and heat from biogas. Our aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of local resources in agriculture, in particular by reducing the release of methane into the air through the use of waste from animal production. In addition, in the future we plan to produce biomethane in Moldava and Bodvou, which will allow us to partially replace natural gas in our district heating managements with this ecological fuel, thus meeting our decarbonization targets in the energy sector. We also want to produce biomethane from biodegradable waste, which would otherwise end up in landfills,” explains Miroslav Mravec.  

Plans for the future

“In addition, for the future, we are planning to build a new terminal warehouse and convert the existing terminal warehouse into a dofermentor. Furthermore, the construction of the aforementioned biomethane plant and the injection of this fuel into the public network. The aim will be to increase biogas production by approximately 50 %, compared to the current state,” concludes Miroslav Mravec.