We are aware that our reputation is based on our actions.

We promote and adhere to strict ethical rules in our business, and our Ethics Code of Conduct covers all of the company’s activities.

Transparency, compliance with laws and regulations, integrity, loyalty, honesty and respect are the core values of the ENGIE Group, which we take into account in our operations.

We prefer long-term relationships with our partners, which requires loyal and honest behaviour on which mutual trust can be built.

We avoid situations that could lead to conflicts between personal interests and ENGIE’s interests.

We foster a working environment based on decency and trust and protect it from corrupt practices that seriously damage the business reputation of any company.

ENGIE expects not only employees but also all stakeholders to act in accordance with our ethical principles, thereby avoiding any doubt about the Group’s ethical commitment.

We apply ethical principles to our employees and also to:

  • customers,
  • suppliers,
  • competition,
  • by a government authority,
  • to commercial entities,
  • investors,
  • non-profit organizations…

The basic framework of our conduct is governed by the ENGIE Group Code of Conduct. It describes in detail and clearly the conditions for the application of the commitments made by the Group.

It is addressed to all employees of all Group companies in which ENGIE has an ownership interest, as well as to all third parties cooperating with the ENGIE Group. It defines the ethical principles that must be observed in daily working practices and activities.

No compromise is tolerated in our adherence to ethical principles.

Zero tolerance stands on 5 fundamental pillars:

  1. strict prohibition of corruption and fraud;
  2. respect for human rights;
  3. environmental protection;
  4. respecting and complying with laws, regulations and rules;
  5. loyalty, honesty and decency in relationships.

Against the backdrop of our day-to-day activities, there are 4 priorities within ethics and compliance:

  1. personal commitment and a positive example of each of us ;
  2. awareness, education and prevention;
  3. reporting incidents and supporting victims and witnesses;
  4. fair sanctions for breaches of ethical principles.

For more information on ethical principles, commitments and practices, please also visit the ENGIE Global Group – Ethics, Compliance & Privacy

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