Social responsibility

Renewable energy

With regards to our purpose, ENGIE’s philosophy is to contribute to the reduction of fuel consumption and the negative effects of heat production on the environment through the introduction of new and highly efficient technologies and renewable resources. The ENGIE Group additionally endeavours to mitigate the impact of rising primary energy prices on the final price of heat.  Therefore we use natural gas and alternative woodchip as primary fuels. In addition to traditional heat production for clients with appropriate heat and electricity structure consumption, we furthermore provide the operation of cogeneration units.

In the field of energy, we secure projects with technologies for the use of renewable energy sources, making use of woodchip for the production of energy in the towns of Liptovsky Mikulas, Moldava nad Bodvou, Brezova pod Bradlom, Senica, Pezinok, Malacky and Bratislava. 

Such heat production input source of energy diversification allows us to provide end suppliers with an acceptable and sustainable price for heat, bearing in mind reducing the environmental impact.




Project goals
• support environmental education in schools,
• introduce students to the world of energy and the efficient use of renewable resources, 
• actively engage students, pedagogues and ENGIE employees in improving the environment, specifically by planting the trees and greenery in the school yards.

To the three years of the project were involved: 
• more than 250 students, pedagogues and pupils from primary schools in cities where the ENGIE Slovakia operates heat management systems: Pezinok, Senica, Malacky, Skalica, Moldava nad Bodvou and the Bratislava city districts – Vrakuna, Raca and Ruzinov, 
• 60 employees of the ENGIE Slovakia and volunteers from OZ KOZEL (civil association), Senica.

3 parts of the project:
1. Interactive presentation through which ENGIE’s specialists introduce students the production and distribution of heat, use of renewable energy sources and the world of energy. 
2. Visit to a local boiler plant combined with an expert explanation and inspection of heat generation equipment. 
3. Planting trees and greenery in school yards.

“Projects such as ENGIE ECO schools have social importance not only for people who are living in the area, but also for all those who are involved – colleagues from ENGIE Group, pupils, students, pedagogues and also volunteers from OZ KOZEL. Thanks to such an activities, we are able to present to children the world of energy, its functioning and the future, we expect in connection with efficient use of energy. It is important to educate children about the environmental topics, to encourage their willingness to learn new things, help others and improve the environment they live in.” Frantisek Sas, Director of Energy controlling and support activities department, ENGIE Services.