The extention of cooperation with IMMOFINANZ

This year ENGIE Services continues in cooperation with IMMOFINANZ Services SR by providing technical and infrastructure management and maintenance for 10 STOP SHOP retail parks at various locations in Slovakia. The cooperation will continue until 2020.

The Slovak retail park project STOP SHOP is part of a retail group operating in 8 countries and 70 locations with a total leasable area of over 460,000 m². STOP SHOP parks have an uniform appearance and their uncomplicated design ensures a high level of brand recognition. They are recognizable thanks to their distinctive architecture, greenery and children’s play areas. For refreshments, they offer a modern street take away and give preference to local producers. STOP SHOP is an attractive alternative to the over-crowded and often expensive shopping malls in city centres.

ENGIE provides a wide range of services from its portfolio for the STOP SHOP project. These include technical operations and maintenance, operation of heating, sanitation, electrical installation, ventilation, air conditioning and many other technologies. ENGIE also provides facility management, energy management, cleaning and rodent control, management of greenery, winter maintenance and security services.

“Cooperation with IMMOFINANZ started with project  Polus City Center in November 2017. We gained this project thanks to positive references from a similar project Shopping Center AUPARK, Bratislava. ENGIE provides the facility management for shopping centre and two administrative buildings, Polus Tower 1 and Polus Tower 2. The client has high expectations, especially when it comes to reducing energy consumption and solving sophisticated technical problems. This year Polus City Center plans to reduce its energy consumption by 30%. So far ENGIE has prepared a complete technical audit for IMMOFINANZ that will cover the technical systems of both towers. We are in negotiations about hydraulic regulation project for Polus Tower 1 a 2 and we are preparing a blueprint for managing the technical systems in both buildings. I believe that by working together as partners, we can meet their ambitious target for energy savings,” says Juraj Sochor, regional director for Bratislava at ENGIE Services.

“Since the beginning of this year we have also been cooperating with IMMOFINANZ on the Stop Shop project. The client was not looking just for a competitive price, but also for references from similar projects, high quality services, value added services (energy management) and for an expert to deal with challenging technical tasks,  all of which ENGIE is able to provide,” Juraj Sochor concludes.