The start of district heating network operation in Nove Mesto

02.09.2019   |   #Heating and Cooling

In June 2019, TERMMING, an affiliate of the ENGIE Group, won the project of the district heating network management in the Bratislava city district – Nove Mesto. On the 1st of July, the company took over operation of all technical equipment and heating systems. ENGIE will invest more than 4.5 million € in the modernization of the district heating management system in the first 5 years.

ENGIE provides a wide portfolio of comprehensive services in the energy sector, facility management, and technology installation. It currently operates 17 district heating management systems in Slovakia, and it is one of the largest private heat suppliers.

On 14th June 2019, TERMMING signed a concession agreement of heat management operation, with the local council representatives of Nove Mesto. “We’re pleased that after several months of our engineers expert’s work, we were able to prepare a winning offer and gain the project of the heating management operation. We are very pleased to collaborate with the representatives of the city and the local council as we will provide secure and stable energy supply to the residents of Nove Mesto,” says Robert Ruňanin, director of the Sales division, ENGIE Services.

The concession agreement, which covers a 20-year period, includes a total of more than 4.5 million € for the modernization of the heat management system. “We prepared an investment plan based on the results of our audit. We will replace most of the heating distribution pipes, modernize boiler rooms, technical equipment, and technological installations. Modernization will increase the efficiency of energy production and distribution, which will result in CO₂ reduction,” explains Miroslav Pajchl, director of Energy division, ENGIE Services.  

In July, TERMMING took over the management of all buildings and technical installations.  The agreement, in line with valid legislation, covers maintenance, service, as well as technical inspections and tests. “During the summer, our main goal was to prepare the entire heat management system for the upcoming heating season. The next step will be to connect the boiler rooms with the ENGIE’s central dispatching (24/7), which will allow us to promptly and operatively respond to any problems in the system and ensure stable and continuous energy supply to residents,” says Robert Ruňanin. 

ENGIE currently operates heat management systems in other Bratislava city districts –  Ruzinov, Raca, Vrakuna and Stare Mesto. Company is planning to use the synergies among the operation of heating management in Nove Mesto and other central heating systems in the city. “We are convinced  that our long-term experience in providing energy services, the high level of professionalism of our employees, many similar and successfully implemented projects and the latest technologies we are using,  make us more than ready to achieve our set objectives, which are secure, stable and efficient energy supply to the residents of Nove Mesto,” concludes Roman Doupovec, general manager, ENGIE Services.

Additional information (www.engie.sk):

ENGIE Group in Slovakia (heat generation, distribution, and sales)

  • 17 heat management systems
  • 459 boiler rooms
  • 175 km of distribution pipes
  • Total installed power: 410 MW
  • Heat supply: 629,000 MWh

About ENGIE:

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