Technology installation


ENGIE added value: 

• Inhouse team of: engineers, designers, technical specialists, energy specialists and partners.
• Unique solutions tailored to customer requirements.
• Guaranteed achievement of defined energy parameters and savings.

Low current installations
• Fire alarm systems
• Security systems (security systems, CCTV, access control systems)
• Data systems

High current installations
• Public lighting
• Design and installation of interior and exterior lighting
• Transformation stations (high voltage)
• Electrical installations (low voltage)

Measurement and regulations
• Measurement and regulations for administrative, retail, polyfunctional and residential objects
• Technical measurement and regulation for industry

Integrated superior control systems
• Superior SCADA control systems

• Building cooling and air conditioning
• Technological cooling

Technical services
• Operative and regular service
• Maintenance and repairs
• Specialised inspections and tests

Technical building equipment
• Installation of technical building equipment

Energy consulting
• Energy audits
• Proposals for optimisation measures
• GES solutions proposals

Technology installation


  • MAGNA PT s.r.o., Kechnec

  • EcoPoint II., Košice

  • Punch Campus Detva

  • Slovenská Grafia a.s., Bratislava