Services for data centres

Over the past few years, data centres have morphed into complexes with sophisticated infrastructures. Therefore, the protection of data and ICT systems involves much more than computers, networks and applications. Today’s data centres require specialized and sophisticated solutions for sustainable long-term operation, including IT and NON IT technologies (power, cooling, security).

datove centra

ENGIE Services has vast experience in providing services in the design, building and management of data centres, both in Slovakia and abroad. In Europe, ENGIE Services manages more than 250 000 m2 of data centres for market leaders – Interxion, TCN, Atos Origin, Level 3, Colt Telekom, ABN AMRO, Colony Capital and IBM.

Data centre services:

  • comprehensive operation of NON-IT infrastructure and monitoring systems:
    • electrical systems, ventilation, air conditioning, alternative energy sources, fire-fighting equipment, security and access control systems, technical support
    • daily and scheduled maintenance, testing, fault diagnosis
    • business continuity and troubleshooting, emergency situations management
    • energy management
  • the comprehensive operation and maintenance of data and voice service  technology transmission nodes
  • the supply and installation of systems
  • regular and preventive maintenance, equipment servicing and operation of administrative and monitoring systems of SCADA IBS buildings:
    • CCTV – IP technology
    • disruption alarm system, electronic access systems
    • spatial flooding detection systems
ENGIE Services uses sophisticated systems for data centre management, providing its customers with a wide range of services pertaining to energy efficiency and the continuous availability and flexibility of data centre services.

Energy Management services:

  • energy consultancy and controlling 
  • energy audits – assessment of the current situation and ascertainment of the most effective savings leading to measures reducing the complexity and quantification of projected investment costs 
  • financing – the possibility of co-financing or financing from savings 
  • technical design 
  • maintenance and operation – ensuring comprehensive care of the facilities, including service, operation, maintenance and specialist service

Facility Management


  • Slovak Telekom, a.s., Bratislava, Bzenov, Košice

  • Stredoslovenská energetika, a.s. Žilina

  • DCBA, s.r.o. (Datacube Data Center), Bratislava