Reconstruction of thermo-technical equipment and buildings, Malacky

At the end of 2014, the company ENGIE Services successfully delivered EPC project in Malacky, the aim of  which was to design and implement measures to reduce energy intensity of thermal-technical equipment and building administered and owned by the municipality – sports hall, municipal centre of social services and cinema.  The company ENGIE Services used the most advanced construction technologies for designing and reconstruction, with a focus on long life, efficient and reliable operation of various equipments and buildings in order to achieve the highest savings in energy consumption.  The guarantee period of savings begins after successful implementation of austerity measures and setting the operating mode. Investment and all related costs of energy-saving measures will be gradually repaid from the savings in operating costs for energy. ENGIE Services has undertaken to achieve annual savings of 28% during the first 10 years. During the term of the contract, it will oversee the operation of the power system of buildings and evaluate energy consumption in order to achieve the guaranteed savings.  

The scope of works completed

Cinema Záhoran:

  • replacement of original windows and doors,
  • thermal insulation of attics and facades,
  • replacement of lighting and plumbing structures.


Municipal centre of social services:

  • replacement of thermostatic valves,
  • installation of IQRC heads,
  • hydraulic regulation of the system.


Sports hall Malina:

  • installation of new condensing boiler,
  • hot water treatment,
  • installation of IQRC heads,
  • hydraulic regulation of the system,
  • replacement of air-conditioning units (bath unit, ventilation of cloakrooms),
  • complete update of all AC nodes,
  • replacement of lighting (LED lights and lights in the pool, fitness centre and gym),
  • replacement of glass wall.