Reconstruction of public lighting, Čadca

In 2014, the company ENGIE Services won tender, the subject of which was the reconstruction of public lighting in Čadca. Financing of the reconstruction shall not burden the town, because the company guarantees the repayment of investment through energy cost savings.
The contract entered into by ENGIE Services and Čadca is for the reconstruction of public lighting, along with operation, maintenance and the supply of electricity. Cooperation will last 15 years and the town should save up to 70% of its existing energy costs. Lighting in the town of Čadca will be implemented through 2250 LED lights. Thanks to LED technology, Čadca will pay less for electricity but will emit more light. 

The urban lighting revitalisation project is divided into two stages – installation and operation. In the installation phase, ENGIE Services mapped the current state of public lighting directly on the ground. 

Based on the findings the company prepared project documentation and started the reconstruction of the existing electric poles and lights.  After completion of the reconstruction in 2015, ENGIE Services will focus on the operation and maintenance of the lighting system with the emphasis being on quality and effective management.  Based on the EC contract, the investment will be repaid from the savings brought by the reconstruction, thanks to which the town’s budget will not be burdened. 

This is the first larger reconstruction financed in this way in Slovakia. Refinancing of the project is addressed directly by the company’s sources. As a supplier, ENGIE Services provides the town of Čadca with a guarantee to achieve the expected economic benefits through contractual guarantee of the level of energy savings.