Battery Energy Storage System ENGIE

Project: Construction and operation of Battery energy storage system ENGIE  

Start of operation: May 2024

Technical details of the new ENGIE BESS: 

  • Installed capacity: 1.25 MW
  • Battery operating life cycle: 6 000 cycles (approx. 10 years)
  • Management: ENGIE Balance Group / Central Dispatching 24/7 ENGIE Slovakia
  • Certifications that meets the complex standards of TSO (Slovak Electricity Distribution Network) for all business models.

Project BESS is installed and operated in direct output to The Transformation Station 110 kV in Velka Ida, which is owned and operated by ENGIE. Project BESS is located in the Velka Ida Industrial Park, where ENGIE provides electricity distribution.

Purpose and future plans

BESS was designed and should serve several purposes. The first is the providing FCR support services to Transmission System Operator. The FCR (Frequency Control Reserve) is the primary level of frequency control in the network with activation within 30 seconds.

BESS also provides supported services to ENGIE Balance Group, develops renewable sources with fluctuating electricity production (photovoltaics, cogeneration, biogas) and provides inbalance management to customers. With new BESS ENGIE can now offer their clients energy flexibility as a service.