Installation and operation of charging stations, OC Jarosova, Bratislava

Project: Installation and operation of charging stations
Client: Jarosova OC, s.r.o., Bratislava
Location: OC Jarosova, Bratislava
Charging stations: 2 Charging stations AC (22kW), 2 conectors with RFID readers
Project duration: 09/2019 - 01/2020  

Scope of installation and services:
​• Preparation of electrical installation for chargers in the OC Jarosova: 
- project documentation,
- new R-ns switchboard,
- cabling RH - R-ns - chargers,
- control system,
- revision.
 ​• Delivery and installation of charges:
- supply of cable and RFID cards,
- EV parking signage,
- installation of safety elements - barriers,
- operator training (administration and processing of data from chargers). 

Project specifics: 
• The control system is monitoring current electricity consumption in the building and in case of exceeding the reserved capacity it automatically disconnect or limit the power of the charger.