Inauguration of a new ENGIE TS 110/22 kV in Velka Ida

28.06.2018   |   #Power and Natural Gas

Bratislava, 28th June 2018

On 27th June 2018, ENGIE Services officially opened the newly built transformation station 110/22 kV, which will distribute electricity to companies located in the Logistics and Industrial Park at Veľká Ida from this July. ENGIE financed the project with a total value of  2.7 mil. eur from its own financial resources, which allowed investors to use their own capital for further development of their core business . Other business partners, with whom is ENGIE currently negotiating, have already shown their interest in this successful model of financing, developing, constructing and operating a transformation station. 

In May 2017, ENGIE Services signed a contract with KKP Invest to secure financing, planning, construction and subsequent operation of the 110/22 kV transformation station for the Velka Ida Logistics and Industrial Park. KKP Invest is the owner and developer of the industrial park located in close proximity to Košice. The park has a total area of 29.4 hectares and an excellent potential for the construction and operation of production and logistics buildings.

Investment from own financial resources

ENGIE planned and developed the project from its own financial resources. The total value of the investment was 2,765,000 eur. “Financing the project from own resources allowed the investors of the industrial park use their capital for own investments in production. With regards to this successful reference, ENGIE and the other business partners are negotiating about the similar own resources  funded projects,”  says Robert Runanin, Director Sales BU, ENGIE Services.   

A unique project

The construction of the transformation station is an important project for ENGIE, the aim of which is to increase the energy capacity of the industrial park at Velka Ida from the current 3.7 MW to 12 MW with a possibility of further increasement to 25 MW, i.e. up to a strategic industrial park level. The purpose of the project is to transform very high voltage of 110 kV (VHV) to high voltage of 22 kV (HV) and consequently, to ensure high-quality and secure supply of electricity to companies located in this industrial park.

“Our portfolio includes provision of energy services to industrial companies. However, the development of the transformation station in the industrial park and supply of electricity to both present and future investors is a novelty for us in our services business. The project is also unique because the newly built transformation station at the Veľká Ida Industrial Park is one of the few stations in Slovakia controlled automatically and unattended,” explains Robert Runanin.

Development of transformation station 110/22 kV  

The construction of the transformation station started in November 2017 after the development of the implementation project which consisted of two parts – the construction and the technology plans.

Under the construction plan, ENGIE built the buildings of joint operations, steel roofing of transformers, conduits for cabling, outside lighting, plants and area fencing. In addition, ENGIE performed earthworks (ground consolidation and layering of subsoil) and landscaping (sloping, access road). The building for joint operations serves as a control room of the transformation station and it houses the 22 kV technology (distributors), own consumption transformer, a CCTV system and an electronic security system (ESS).

Under the technological part, ENGIE built the transformer stand and installed two 110/22 kV three-phase transformers with a 25 MVA output (2 x 12.5 MVA).

“The implementation of such project usually takes 15 months. Therefore, we are very proud to have successfully mastered this technically demanding project in only 8 months. Considering the short time, cooperation and coordination of all subcontractor and partners involved in the planning, implementation and delivery, was crucial. I would like to use this opportunity to thank our business partners who helped us actively with the implementation throughout the entire project, and thanks to whom we were able to successfully complete the construction of the transformation station in planned time and start with its operation,” says Robert Runanin. 

Opening ceremony – June 27th, 2018

The transformation station was inaugurated in the presence of general manager Roman Doupovec and other members of the ENGIE Services management, Arpad Lorincz, statutory representative of KKP Invest (developer of the Velka Ida Logistics and Industrial Park), Gabriel Lukacs, head of the Velka Ida municipal authority and other prominent guests from public administration, self-government and business. The programme began with short speeches, in which the speakers highlighted the importance of the new developed transformation station for the industrial park, municipality and the region as well as its contribution to ENGIE’s further strategy development. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony the guests enjoyed a guided tour of the station followed by informal talks and networking.

Distribution of the electricity and other services

The transformation station will start with its operation in July 2018. “ENGIE Services will distribute  electricity to companies located in the industrial park. However, we believe that we will grow beyond power supply. We would also like to expand our cooperation to other areas of business and offer companies located in park some additional services from our comprehensive portfolio with regards to their needs,” concluded Robert Runanin.