We think responsibly

The environment

The ENGIE Services philosophy is to contribute to the reduction of fuel consumption and the negative effects of heat production on the environment through the introduction of new and highly efficient technologies and renewable resources. ENGIE Services additionally endeavours to mitigate the impact of rising primary energy prices on the final price of heat.  Therefore ENGIE Services uses natural gas and alternative woodchip as primary fuels. In addition to traditional heat production for clients with appropriate heat and electricity structure consumption, ENGIE Services furthermore provides the operation of cogeneration units.

In the field of energy, ENGIE Services secures projects with technologies for the use of renewable energy sources, making use of woodchip for the production of energy in the towns of Liptovský Mikuláš, Moldava nad Bodvou, Brezová pod Bradlom, Senica, Malacky and Bratislava (the Vrakuňa Municipality).

Such heat production input source of energy diversification allows us to provide end suppliers with an acceptable and sustainable price for heat, bearing in mind reducing the environmental impact.

The ECO FRIENDLY information campaign

ECO FRIENDLY is an information campaign conducted by ENGIE Services to raise awareness of energy-saving options, be it at home or at work. In practice - even in spite of the use of the latest technologies - the greatest savings can be achieved simply on the part of the user.  Near features such as light switches, air conditioners, heaters and faucets, ENGIE Services affixes labels informing users about responsible approaches and ways of reducing energy consumption.