ENGIE Services is a leader in the field of energy and comprehensive facility management in Slovakia whilst also being one of the largest private producers of heating and a leading provider of energy services. 

The ENGIE Services portfolio in Slovakia

  • Energy Production
  • Facility Management
  • Energy Services
  • Installation technology

Why ENGIE Services?

  • An international company encompassing a wide range of activities and local know-how
  • A professional team of experts 
  • Solutions and services with high added value for the customer
  • A comprehensive range of activities
  • The use of the latest technologies and efficient processes
  • Optimisation of energy consumption and total operating expenses
  • Maintaining the quality of the property, plant and equipment, increasing their value and extension of life
  • The optimisation of energy source use
  • The use of clean, local, affordable and efficient energy sources, including renewable energy

ENGIE Services’s primary activities

Key values

Annual revenues (2019)93 mil eur
Managed area2,5 mil m²
Heat management systems17
Heat distribution164 km
Heat sources455
Biomass sources8

ENGIE membership