Company values


We are constantly improving the working processes, looking for new solutions; making use of all available resources and innovations within the ENGIE group. Thanks to the enthusiasm of our employees we provide customers with the best services.



We take every day as a challenge. We support our employee’s initiatives and provide them with the conditions for creating innovative solutions. We courageously resolve the energy and environmental challenges of today.


We are fully aware of the ENGIE group’s commitments to its employees, customers, shareholders, the general public and the planet. We contribute to their achievements by providing high quality services with a focus on reducing environmental impact. We enable the professional development of our employees, adhere to the ethical principles of the Group and support the activities of associations and organizations in the areas we operate.


We are well aware that the company’s success depends on the efforts of each team member, thus we endeavour to use the knowledge and experience of experts from across the Group, working in teams, learning from each other and in order to find the best solution we create synergies between professions.